The All Seeing Eye

The money system.  It’s that simple. Jesus, Yeshua,  even went to the extent of throwing tables across the market in anger because in my humble opinion He knew it would the driving engine to… Continue reading

Tommy Robinson & Corey Feldman expose what happens when they get exposed

Within a year we have seen the arrest of a Hollywood mogul, Harvey Weinstein. Corey Feldman was attacked for exposing the inside circle of Hollywood underage sex groups. Tommy Robinson sentenced to… Continue reading

Infowars launches European website Infowars recently launched its European website dedicated to educating the public and defeating the globalist technocrats.

MS-13 Assault Rifle

Next Question

Minneapolis, Webber Park Library Propaganda Shopping

Took the kids to see a free showing of Coco at the Webber Park Library.  The characters in the film oddly look like MS-13 characters. While they were enjoying that bit, I managed to… Continue reading

Don Ross


Show Dogs PG rating beyond Restrictive

The release of 2018 “Show Dogs” starring Ludacris as “Max” gets audience members disturbed as the scene of sexual abuse takes shape, Max doesn’t like his testicles being handled multiple times until the… Continue reading

Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange: The Real Reason Why Peace Talks Are Cancelled!

In this video, we give you the latest breaking news on the real reason why peace talks have been canceled between Donald Trump, with John Bolton as his advisor and Kim Jong Un.… Continue reading

Snowflakes in May in Minneapolis, get Tami Lahren wet

Fox commentator Tami Lahren and her mother took a visit to the blue state and encountered snowflakes at the Union Depot restaurant off Hennepin Ave in downtown Minneapolis.


Ron Paul: Haspel is Not the Problem. The CIA is the Problem.

The Logan Act: Rick Perry Silent on Barack Obama at Chantilly, Virginia

When Americans realize their leaders are part of the Shadow government. This was from the Iowa Straw Poll in 2012.

How to stand up for self defense and the 2nd Amendment

photo from[/caption] Piers Morgan and Alex Jones provide the matrix paradigm at play when it comes to horrific tragedies. When you listen to the interview you will see the cry for background… Continue reading

Donald J. Trump & Various Gadsden Flags

Pi Raps

Hip Hop artist Pi songs “Alice & a Rabbit” and “Truth” recorded live. “Alice & a Rabbit” Alice is the New World Order, the social construct built from debt and blind television. “Truth”… Continue reading

The war for real news, is real

I’ve been following all spectrums of news since 2008 when I was not entirely awake, and was introduced to new alternative forms of media. The biggest of these were Alex Jones Infowars and… Continue reading

George Orwell 1984

1984 is a 1956 film loosely based on the novel of the same name by George Orwell. This is the first cinema rendition of the story, directed by Michael Anderson, and starring Edmond… Continue reading

Illinois Police department: We will have to kill our K9’s if Marijuana Legalized

The Anonymous speaker reveals how media is used to manipulate control in the masses. States that have legalized marijuana have recycled the K9’s into retired police or other programs and have shown signs… Continue reading

Phased Out

photo obtained from Can you believe the public school system wants to phase out the analog clock like an old rapper? It is true, students in the UK are saying they cannot… Continue reading

Mueller? Mueller?

West Side

Wilson: A Short Film – Jekyll Island Meeting

President Woodrow Wilson singed in the Federal Reserve & IRS act in 1913, meeting in secret at Jekyll Island, regretting his decisions later in memoirs. This scene depicts the entry before Wilson appears.

The Shady Bunch

Mr. Anderson

Stormy Daniels

That Smile…

When He’s Lying

Monday April 30th, 2018

Sunday April, 29th, 2018

Master of Puppets: The Federal Reserve

The Federal Reserve was established in 1913 under the guise of a congressionally lead attribute to the American people and their interests to stabilize the economy.  Au contraire fast forward to today with an overwhelming… Continue reading

I wonder how long it takes before ebola effects the body?

U.S. Refines “Military Options” Ahead Of Syrian Strikes

Zero Hedge August 23, 2013 Now that the US has made up its mind once more and “knows” that Wednesday’s chemical attack in Syria was conducted by the government and targeting the “rebels”,… Continue reading

Video Footage of ‘Chemical Weapons Attack’ Uploaded Before it Happened?

Paul Joseph Watson August 23, 2013 Hundreds of videos showing apparent victims of a chemical weapons attack in Syria were uploaded to YouTube on August 20, a day before media reports say… Continue reading

NWO Cartoon – Operation Paul Revere Contest

Gunshot Wound to Dzhokhar’s Face Contradicts Original Boston Bombing Narrative

Medical report reveals Dzhokhar Tsarnaev suffered from fractured skull due to gunshot wound to the face Julie Wilson August 22, 2013 Trauma surgeon Stephen Ray Odom, of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center,… Continue reading

Michael Keaton for Batman Vs Superman

While Christian Bale has said time and time agian that he is ready to drape the cape, the next Man of Steel spin off needs someone to save it from the coat hanger.… Continue reading

Al Qaeda in Egypt

A recent look at this video shows members of Al Qaeda waving their flag on the streets as the protests in Egypt happen.  And here, On September 11, 2012

World War China Z

The script for World War Z has a deadly outbreak that starts in China…Not anymore.  Since the Chinese had bought out the American movie industry, anything that goes through the pipe line now… Continue reading

West Coast of North America to Be Hit Hard by Fukushima Radiation

Washington’s Blog August 21, 2013 An ocean current called the North Pacific Gyre is bringing Japanese radiation to the West Coast of North America: (“Order-of-magnitude” is a scientific term which means 10 times higher.  The “Western… Continue reading

Treyvon Martin’s Dad a Free Mason

A late photo of Treyvon Martin’s dad has been released and shows that he is a high level official of the Free Mason society. Free Masons have a huge history of being associated… Continue reading

Obama’s Birth Certificate a Layered Mess

Who really is Barack Obama?  Is it Barack Obama, Barry Sotoro, Barry Obama? New light into the birth certificate reveals that Adobe Illustrator is used for the Birth Certificate.  Illustrator has the ability… Continue reading

The New Nazi Party

The comparisons between Obama and Hitler are astounding.  What’s worse is the history of the Rothschild, Rockefeller’s, and Bush’s.  Is Obama to the US what Hitler was to Germany? Both ran on bringing… Continue reading

Next 4th of July?

Adam Kokesh, talk show host of Adam vs. The Man ( was arrested in his protest for the 2nd Amendment.   The goal was to get arrested, to wake citizens up to their… Continue reading

Hero? Your Amendments Say Yes!

Over the past few weeks, the tabloid have been disucssing whether or not former NSA employee Edward Snowden is Americas new villian. All the main stream media outlets look at Edward Snowden as… Continue reading

A Soldiers Last Words – Daniel Somers

Daniel Somers suicide note: I am sorry that it has come to this. The fact is, for as long as I can remember my motivation for getting up every day has been so that… Continue reading

Pat Tillman Was Executed

US Army hero Pat Tillman enlisted after 911. Not long after his deployment, an AP story reported that he was killed by the Taliban. Weeks later, stories leaked that he was killed by friendly fire.… Continue reading

36% of Law Enforcement Will Open Fire on Gun Confinscation

New Bush Library to Have Every Book Except the 911 Commission Report

In honor of 43rd President George W. Bush, the city of Dallas opened a Library in his name.  When asked if a copy of the 911 Commission Report was to be found there… Continue reading


Movies catering to terroism, corrupt societies, and economic hardships have always been at the box office.  As of late, I can’t help to notice how frequent they are being released.  Starting with the… Continue reading