Master of Puppets: The Federal Reserve

The Federal Reserve was established in 1913 under the guise of a congressionally lead attribute to the American people and their interests to stabilize the economy.  Au contraire fast forward to today with an overwhelming… Continue reading

I wonder how long it takes before ebola effects the body?

U.S. Refines “Military Options” Ahead Of Syrian Strikes

Zero Hedge August 23, 2013 Now that the US has made up its mind once more and “knows” that Wednesday’s chemical attack in Syria was conducted by the government and targeting the “rebels”,… Continue reading

Video Footage of ‘Chemical Weapons Attack’ Uploaded Before it Happened?

Paul Joseph Watson August 23, 2013 Hundreds of videos showing apparent victims of a chemical weapons attack in Syria were uploaded to YouTube on August 20, a day before media reports say… Continue reading

NWO Cartoon – Operation Paul Revere Contest

Gunshot Wound to Dzhokhar’s Face Contradicts Original Boston Bombing Narrative

Medical report reveals Dzhokhar Tsarnaev suffered from fractured skull due to gunshot wound to the face Julie Wilson August 22, 2013 Trauma surgeon Stephen Ray Odom, of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center,… Continue reading

Michael Keaton for Batman Vs Superman

While Christian Bale has said time and time agian that he is ready to drap the cape, the next Man of Steel spin off needs someone to save it from the coat hanger.… Continue reading

Al Qaeda in Egypt

A recent look at this video shows members of Al Qaeda waving their flag on the streets as the protests in Egypt happen.  And here, On September 11, 2012

World War China Z

The script for World War Z has a deadly outbreak that starts in China…Not anymore.  Since the Chinese had bought out the American movie industry, anything that goes through the pipe line now… Continue reading

West Coast of North America to Be Hit Hard by Fukushima Radiation

Washington’s Blog August 21, 2013 An ocean current called the North Pacific Gyre is bringing Japanese radiation to the West Coast of North America: (“Order-of-magnitude” is a scientific term which means 10 times higher.  The “Western… Continue reading

Treyvon Martin’s Dad a Free Mason

A late photo of Treyvon Martin’s dad has been released and shows that he is a high level official of the Free Mason society. Free Masons have a huge history of being associated… Continue reading

Obama’s Birth Certificate a Layered Mess

Who really is Barack Obama?  Is it Barack Obama, Barry Sotoro, Barry Obama? New light into the birth certificate reveals that Adobe Illustrator is used for the Birth Certificate.  Illustrator has the ability… Continue reading

US is the new Nazi Party

The comparisons between Obama and Hitler are astounding.  Whats worse is the history of the Rothchild, Rockefeller’s, and Bush’s.  Is Obama to the US what Hitler was to Germany? Both ran on bringing… Continue reading

Next 4th of July?

Adam Kokesh, talk show host of Adam vs. The Man ( was arrested in his protest for the 2nd Amendment.   The goal was to get arrested, to wake citizens up to their… Continue reading

Hero? Your Amendments Say Yes!

Over the past few weeks, the tabloid have been disucssing whether or not former NSA employee Edward Snowden is Americas new villian. All the main stream media outlets look at Edward Snowden as… Continue reading

A Soldiers Last Words – Daniel Somers

Daniel Somers suicide note: I am sorry that it has come to this. The fact is, for as long as I can remember my motivation for getting up every day has been so that… Continue reading

Pat Tillman Was Executed

US Army hero Pat Tillman enlisted after 911. Not long after his deployment, an AP story reported that he was killed by the Taliban. Weeks later, stories leaked that he was killed by friendly fire.… Continue reading

36% of Law Enforcement Will Open Fire on Gun Confinscation

New Bush Library to Have Every Book Except the 911 Commission Report

In honor of 43rd President George W. Bush, the city of Dallas opened a Library in his name.  When asked if a copy of the 911 Commission Report was to be found there… Continue reading


Movies catering to terroism, corrupt societies, and economic hardships have always been at the box office.  As of late, I can’t help to notice how frequent they are being released.  Starting with the… Continue reading

Israel and the Mid East

President Obama’s visit to Israel for the first time as president only reaffirms our commitment to funding and supplying Israelis with arms and aid. Most of the visit was to holocaust sites and churches… Continue reading

September 11th, 1991 – A New World Order Takes Flight

Is it just me, or do you find it creepy that former president George H. Bush gave his New World Order speech 10 years before one of the most terrifying events happens on… Continue reading

Why Ron Paul was the Only Option

Ever since 1913, the banking cartel established supreme control over the citizens of the United States, writing in the IRS and Federal Reserve Act. President Woodrow Wilson wrote these acts in, in exchange… Continue reading

Olympus Negotiates with Terrorists

In the trailer for “Olympus Has Fallen”  being released in theatres just days away, towards the end of the trailer, Aaron Eckhart says “the United States of America doesn’t negoitate with terroists.” (2min… Continue reading

Gray State: A Near Future?

The announcement of QE3 has landed the United States into an economic free fall of continuous money printing.  Laws are being written in non stop as Americans are loosing their rights left and… Continue reading

What 2012 Meant for the Human Race

December 21st, 2012 shut alot of people up about the end of the world. Yes, we are still here, but change definitely came in many shapes and sizes that we could all agree… Continue reading

Gun Control Debate Continues Despite Warnings from our Forefathers

The nation’s leaders, along with the help of the mainstream media, continue to pursue gun control restrictions despite  warnings from our forefathers that gun restriction is the number one key to a tyrannical government take… Continue reading

Was 911 an Inside Job?

12 years into the after math of 911, many questions still need to be answered.  911’s official story more than likely comes off as a fraud due to multiple facts, most ignored or explained to… Continue reading